Our bodies need a variety of vitamins and nutrients to be in optimal health. Eating whole foods is a way to achieve this. I like to cook and eats lots of fruits and veggies because the different colors of those foods contain phytonutrients that help with different parts and functions of our bodies. As a wellness coach I encourage my clients to eat whole foods and to meal prep so they will be successful each week.

When we are focused on eating more whole foods, we eat less of the processed foods helping ourselves create a healthier lifestyle. I don’t think we need to supplement real food with nutrients that come in a pill. In fact, I don’t think we should restrict ourselves to the extreme with food because then we develop an unhealthy relationship with eating which leads to a host of issues.

Dietary supplements are manufactured products that can provide nutrients for us. These nutrients are either extracted from food sources or synthetic. The supplement may contain only one nutrient or a combination of nutrients. I have never been a fan of supplements because I like to get my nutrients straight from food. However, I understand that sometimes we don’t all get the proper nutrients we need, hence why people take supplements and vitamins. My concern is in the types that we take. We want to make sure we are taking high quality but that we are also eating foods as well.

Food provides us with energy and when we take food out of the equation, we may be doing harm to our body. I understand the word supplement means to replace something, but instead I think it should be in conjunction with. I take a vitamin B12 supplement because I am missing that nutrient by eating mostly plant foods. If I want to make sure that I am supplying my body with all the nutrients I need, then I must add that one in. Since I’m eating lots of fresh foods, I’m confident in the other nutrients I’m getting.

In the past couple months, I have begun taking a wholefood nutrition capsule that is included in the coaching program I offer. This isn’t a supplement as it fresh whole fruits and veggies picked at their ripeness, then made into a powdered form that fits inside a capsule. When I’m taking these, I’m flooding my body with about 25 servings of fruits and veggies. That is impossible to do just by eating foods alone. I use these capsules to bridge the gap between what I’m already doing most days and the days when I’m on the go and my eating habits are altered.

I consider myself a healthy eater, but I have noticed a difference since taking these capsules. I have more energy and my digestive issues seemed to have cleared up. This is because these are wholefoods not just isolated nutrients. I haven’t taken anything out of my diet and I’m not replacing eating meals, I’m just adding more nutrition in for the days when I’m grabbing food on the go or don’t eat enough servings as I should. These are especially beneficial for those who don’t cook often, they can be sure they are getting enough fruits and veggies every day.

My wellness lifestyle coaching philosophy is as follows: eat whole fresh foods as often as you can, cook and meal prep each week, eat whole grains, add in wholefood nutrition capsules to bridge the gap, exercise 3-5 times a week, and be kind and loving to yourself every day.

Wellness Wednesday,