In this technology age we hear that social media can have a negative impact on our lives. It is often said that we spend too much time on there and it can keep us from making real connections. I agree that this can be true and limiting our use is a good thing. However, we are still always going to be using social media, so what if when we are on there, we could use it instead to inspire us and curate it for a more positive influence? I speak more specifically towards Instagram in this aspect as that’s the one I use the most in this way.

We all seem to fall into that trap of the comparison game or judging other people’s lives every now and then. We tend to forget that the things posted on social media are just a snapshot of someone’s life. We may not actually know what is going on in their daily lives. Therefore, comparing what we are doing to what they are doing isn’t really helpful. I know when I’m posting something I try to post more positive aspects of my life, not because my life is perfect, far from it, but because I want to focus more on the positive than the negative. I make mistakes all the time and when I post about them it’s to show the lessons I have learned so I can grow from them and help others as well. That’s when I think social media can be the most useful and helpful.

This is also how I approach who I follow on my Instagram as well. Since I want to keep the positive vibes going in my life, I carefully pick and choose what I allow myself to see every day. I want to grow and learn from others, pushing myself to continue to be a better version of who I am. I’m not in competition with others, I’m in competition with myself. So sometimes I’ll use social media as the push I need. As I work in the wellness field I follow many others in the same field and those that promote self-improvement in some way. I will log on in the morning to give myself the positive energy boost I might be seeking that day. There have been times when I’ve felt down and I’ve thought, I really need inspiration today, so I turn to Instagram for that. I’ll see a motivating quote or post that will help me put things in perspective that morning before I move on with my day.

As I was working on writing about this topic, I recently had a negative experience with Facebook. The negative part was mostly in my realization how posts can affect us and our reactions to them. This put into perspective how true my feelings concerning this topic really are. The original post from an old friend that I was tagged in was supposed to be a fun memory from our high school days. As I read some of the comments I noticed how negative some people were being. This was a photo from twenty years ago and someone was bringing up old issues that had occurred back then. I logged off after reading the comments because I was shocked at how quickly that post had spiraled downhill. I chose not to engage because it wouldn’t serve me in any positive way. This post was the perfect example as to why I set up my social media the way that I do. I would rather walk away with a positive feeling and moving forward in my life. When we are mindful of the energy we allow in our life we take away a different experience. Now don’t get me wrong, I still have my moments when I can be negative as I am a human being but, overall, I try to be more conscious of it these days. I want to make change in the world and the first place I must start is with myself.

So how can you curate a more positive social media experience? First ask yourself what messages you want to see first thing in the morning. How do you want to start your day? Then find some accounts that post inspirational quotes pertaining to what you’re seeking. Another great one is to find someone posting about food or exercise. This will give you lunch or dinner suggestions and new workout ideas to try, which all pertain to areas of self-improvement and are all positive aspects that help with our daily living. Maybe even follow a fashion blog if you need new style advice. The point is to follow those that will motivate and inspire you to have a better day and be a better you.

I’m not saying you have to delete everyone you follow or your family and friends if they upset you, I mean that’s your choice in the end. All I’m suggesting is to try for a few days to be mindful of what images you are seeing and taking in. Trust me, you will notice a difference when you pick and choose who and what shows up on your feed.

Wellness Wednesday,